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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Dorsetshire Gap

The Dorsetshire Gap
One of Dorset's finest rambles - and as all Dorset's rambles are mind-numbingly 
rambtastic, this must be a bit special
Courtesy of the AA
The Boffins, as I believe the tabloids like to call them, say this is some sort of ancient Spaghetti Junction.

How crude! My close friend and ally, the unfeasibly handsome María Inés de la Cruz, claims that this narrow valley that breaches the Dorset downs  and effectively divides the county into north, east, south and west is some sort of time/space vortex.
Obligatory Dorset landscape porn
I thought she’d been watching too much Dr Who until she took us there one sultry summer afternoon. ‘Everything that Dorset now is, everything it ever has been and always will be flows through this void’ she gushed, as we lay under the shade of an ancient oak. 

Maybe she’s got a point; that balmy night I dreamed a landscape devoid of human presence. A vision of the past or the future? Who knows?
Which way? Past, present or future ...
What's the fourth option? The subjunctive, of course.

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